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Open Systems Secure SD-WAN and SOC-as-a-service solutions are designed specifically to simplify your network and security operations and accelerate business growth.


Solutions Overview

IT managers are concerned about both network performance and network security, often choosing a variety of disparate solutions to meet their needs. Open Systems offers secure, unified SD-WAN in an integrated package that’s tailored to your network and security needs.


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Josipa Kovacevic

Josipa Kovacevic

After her commercial apprenticeship with a vocational diploma at Sulzer and a study year in Illinois, USA, Josipa Kovacevic completed the additional qualification as a Certified Specialist in Human Resources and in Strategic Human Capital Management & Analytics. For a holistic overview combining Human Resources and Management, Josipa has accomplished her studies in Leadership & Management.

  • Coolest personal accomplishment: Studying for one year in the suburb of Chicago, super far away from my family and friends where there was no Skype, iPhone or Facebook to connect with the beloved ones 24x7
  • Superpower: Being able to handle several things at the same time in a high context of agility while retaining a clear overview and keeping my humor
  • Professional accomplishment: Building and transforming a global HR department with a common and unconventional culture