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Our future-proof SASE platform as a service, with 24×7 support, allows you to enable network simplicity, intelligent security, and performance.


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Drive Quality of Care with a Secure High-Performance Network

Healthcare organizations rely on extensive networks to deliver critical data and services while meeting regulatory obligations, protecting legacy infrastructure, and enabling business innovation and acceleration. It’s a complex task that can be made simple with the Open Systems SASE.

Meet All Your IT and Regulatory Challenges

Ensure Compliance Across the Enterprise

Ensure Compliance Across the Enterprise

Maintain regulatory standards for patient data protection

Connect the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Connect the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Provide connectivity and security for all your devices

Support Mobile Devices and Telehealth

Support Mobile Devices and Telehealth

Deliver flexible performance to all endpoints

Unify Complex Infrastructure and Sites

Unify Complex Infrastructure and Sites

Integrate hospitals, clinics, and remote branches

Fulfill Multiple Regulatory Obligations

Leverage strong security protections at every level — and comprehensive solutions for threat detection and response — to ensure the security of patient data under HIPAA, GDPR, PHI, and more. The consistent architecture, advanced automation, and deep visibility of our Secure SD-WAN combine with 24×7 expert-level support from Open Systems engineers to ensure enterprises easily meet IT compliance requirements.

Connect and Secure Your Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Bring connectivity and protection to legacy IT assets like X-ray and MRI machines or microscopes that may not support web proxies, rendering them vulnerable, and to their control software, which may also be at risk due to age. Make use of our zone-based firewall, proxy services, and vulnerability management to deliver special handling for legacy assets. If a vulnerable device is compromised, rely on our Network Detection & Response and Global Threat Isolation features to prevent the internal spread of infections.

Power Enterprise Mobility and Telehealth

Meet the ever-rising demand for mobile device connectivity and telehealth services with a flexible, resilient, and high-performance network that stretches to every endpoint and offers intelligent, granular controls. Leverage built-in Secure SD-WAN features to ensure patient data, billing information, bookings, and video conferencing all get the bandwidth and protection they need. Securely connect cloud partners and shield end users from spoofing, phishing, or malware attacks.

Unify Your Heterogeneous Infrastructure

Deliver high availability and simple management across your environment — from hospital to clinic to branch office — with standardized setups, extensive automation, and deep visibility. Establish site connectivity quickly with a transport-agnostic SD-WAN, and protect uptime at each location with fully-automated hardware and line failovers. In the event of a network or security incident, our expert-level support (NOC) engineers coordinate and execute the response for you.